Computer Diagnostics

Engine light on? We have the latest and updated equipment and software to diagnose anything going on with a vehicle. This is way more than a simple code reader at a parts store.  Think of a code as a cough, we find out if that cough is from allergies or pnemonia and get you the right medicine to fix it.


Engine Replacement

Engine replacement is never a fun decision to make. We can help you research your options between used, reman, new, or rebuild engines. We always make sure you get the best bang for your buck.

Transmission (1).jpg


Reverse doesn't work anymore? We can help you make the decision between repairing your transmission or replacing it if needed. 



From Milestar to Michelin, we got the tire for you. We also offer Road Hazard Protection to protect your investment nationwide!



Suspension plays more of role in your vehicle than just ride comfort. It can affect brake power, tire wear, and alignment. From ball joints to struts, we can take care of all your vehicle repair needs!


Collision Repair

We work closely with insurance companies to get your vehicle repaired properly. Have your vehicle towed to our shop after an accident, we will start right away with your insurance company to get you back in your vehicle ASAP!


Hybrid Vehicles

We have all the equipment and training to service all your hybrid vehicle needs. Hybrid batteries are not something a normal person should try and replace in their driveway. It takes special equipment and protection to handle the batteries properly. We can save you money on your hybrid repairs vs the dealership!


Heating & Air Conditioning

Having to wear 3 jackets in your car to keep warm? Or do you have the old 2 windows down at 55mph a/c system in place? Let us get your heating or A/C system back on track and working to keep you comfortable!



Do your brakes squeak when you stop at a light? We can take care of all your brake needs from pad replacement to caliper or master cylinder replacement. We will make sure you stop safely!


Cooling System

Keeping the engine from overheating is vitally important. It can very quickly go from too hot to replacing an engine. You want to make sure your coolant system is leak free and contains the appropriate amount of antifreeze.



Need a new catalytic converter? Want to put in a dual exhaust system? We can take care of all your exhaust needs with our custom exhaust pipe bending machine!


Vehicle Alignment

Alignments help your vehicle drive straight and reduce tire wear. We have the latest in laser guided alignment machine and software to align any vehicle.


Electrical Repair

Does your horn honk every time you close your door? Or the radio only work if your wipers are on? Some issues have some funny symptoms but don't worry, we can track down the electrical issue and get it taken care of. Ask us today about our electrical repair services.


Pre-Purchase Inspection

It's always stressful buying a used vehicle. Let us help you by checking over the vehicle top to bottom. We let you know what repairs to anticipate, how much is a fair price, and other recommendations.